A Chance to Truly Relax

Finally, a pregnancy pillow that can really help alleviate the aches and pains associated with pregnancy. By letting you lie on your front, the Belly Pillow gives you a chance to truly relax and take some pressure off your lower back. It allows you the opportunity to continue with massage, physiotherapy and chiropractic treatment throughout your pregnancy.

To Ease aches & pains

Created by a mother and perfected by holistic healthcare professionals around the world. Belly Pillow is the perfect solution for pregnancy-associated aches and pains.

Used By Healthcare Practitioners

Used by chiropractors, physiotherapists, osteopaths & massage therapists to confidently treat pregnant women throughout their entire pregnancy.


Belly Pillow International Pregnancy Pillow Healthcare Professionals

The Ultimate Pregnancy Pillow

Gone are the days when women suffered the aches and pains of pregnancy in silence.   Finally, a pregnancy pillow that can really help alleviate

late pregnancy belly pillow bundle

Using your Belly Pillow after pregnancy

Both the gently scalloped Early Pregnancy Belly Pillow, and the ergonomically designed Late Pregnancy Belly Pillow are perfect for cradling a baby during a chiropractic adjustment.