Designed to best support the pregnant body lying face down, the Belly Pillow is made and manufactured in Australia from durable medium density contoured foam with natural anti-microbial qualities and is available in two sizes- Early and Late Pregnancy; allowing women to get comfortable during any stage of pregnancy.


The Early Pregnancy Belly Pillow is the perfect depth for alleviating the discomfort of lying on a hardening abdomen whilst the Late Pregnancy Belly Pillow is uniquely designed to adequately support the growing belly.


The Standard Belly Pillow is covered with both an inner sleeve and washable outer cover of 100% breathable cotton. The Belly Pillow Pro is covered in a non-permeable, anti-microbial industrial quality cover. They are both completely safe to use and come in a versatile calico drawstring bag for easy handling and storage.


Modern research shows us that regular exercise coupled with some form of physical treatment like massage, physiotherapy or chiropractic care, can help alleviate the discomforts associated with pregnancy. And help eliminate stresses and pains with a more holistic approach.


"Fantastic!! That is what I hear from all of my pregnant clients. They love the pressure it takes off their bodies, especially low back pain. I am able to work their entire back and hips during a massage without having to make the client move from side to side. It is so relaxing for them and they always look forward to the instant relief. Being a massage therapist and pregnant myself - I can honestly say that was the BEST purchase I have made for myself and my clients."
Certified Massage Therapist, Michigan, USA

Used by massage therapists, physiotherapists, chiropractors, osteopaths, maternity hospitals and midwives the Belly Pillow is the perfect addition to any practice looking to treat pregnant patients.


The Belly Pillow is a fantastic investment for your practice. This compact maternity pillow is the most convenient and affordable way to safely and effectively examine and treat a pregnant woman all the way through her pregnancy.


Post-pregnancy the ergonomically designed curve in the Late Pregnancy Belly Pillow is perfect for cradling baby – keeping baby happy in a safe and comfortable environment.


Coming in handy at home or while mum or even baby continues to receive any form of allied health treatment. Even while mum does her yoga.

"I absolutely love using the Belly Pillow in my practice. My pregnant clients love the fact that they can lay on their stomach. Most want to know where they can buy one for themselves. I also use the Belly Pillow when working with infants. It keeps the baby from rolling around and they seem very content lying in the pillow. I make use of the Belly Pillows every day in the centre. Thank you very much for a wonderful product!"
Chiropractor, Beingwell Healthcare, Victoria, AU


Created by a mother and perfected by holistic healthcare professionals around the world. Belly Pillow was born 20 years ago in Melbourne, Australia and has since been a family-owned and operated business.


The Belly Pillow was developed by Petr Malapanis. A mother of 2 who saw a problem and was determined to fix it.

“My second pregnancy, at the age of 32, proved very difficult as my daughter was a breech baby. I had aches and pains in places I didn’t even remember having. I was seeing a chiropractor almost weekly to help manage the pains in my hips and lower back. Together we struggled to find a comfortable position I could be treated in and swore that there must be a better way! After my daughter’s birth, I revisited the problem I had identified with my chiropractor and asked myself some important questions..”

A couple of prototypes followed; trialled by chiropractors, physiotherapists, massage therapists and maternity hospitals in Melbourne, the Belly Pillow finally hit the market in 2005 and has been welcomed and applauded internationally ever since. At last – a product that put pregnant women on their front, allowing them to be examined and treated by their allied healthcare professional in utmost comfort, safety and ease.