Where is Belly Pillow manufactured?

Belly Pillow is manufactured in Melbourne, Australia. We use top quality Dunlop flexible foams and our Belly Pillow covers are made either of 100% cotton interlock or hospital grade non-permeable, anti-microbial fabric.


Is the Belly Pillow safe?

The Belly Pillow is totally safe to use as directed. Do not sleep on it as doctors do not recommend sleeping on your front whilst pregnant. Do use it to lie on your belly and relieve the stress on your lower back, allowing your body to relax in a prone position. Do use it to get a massage throughout your whole pregnancy and feel better immediately in a safe, drug-free way.


Why should I use Belly Pillow?

Being pregnant and having a baby is a wonderful, exciting time in a woman’s life – but there is no denying that it can also be stressful and uncomfortable. Hormones released during pregnancy make your joints that much more flexible to help your body grow and accommodate your precious bundle. With this however, comes back pain and muscle tightness that can be hard to relieve.


How can Belly Pillow help during pregnancy?

  • May reduces stress by supporting the body allowing you to rest, read and relax on your tummy.
  • May alleviates general discomfort by easing neck and lower back pains.
  • May be used with yoga, massage or pilates,
  • May be used in birthing suites in hospitals and at home to prepare for delivery. Maternity hospitals Australia wide currently use Belly Pillow Does your physiotherapist, chiropractor, osteopath have one?
  • Provides all the support you need to continue an intimate relationship with your partner.

How can Belly Pillow be used after I have had my baby?

  • Is great for babies to lie in – mums have reported that it helps babies with reflux.
  • Can be used when travelling. Use the versatile canvas drawstring bag to take the Belly Pillow with you, wherever you go.
  • Has a great quality drawstring carry bag for storing baby toys!
  • Is ideal for mum and bub experiences. . Baby is safe, in mum’s line of vision and in arms reach at all times.
  • Ensures that baby is safe whilst mum has her massage.
  • Ensures that baby is safe whilst mum does her yoga.

Is Belly Pillow hygienic? 

Yes Absolutely!  Belly Pillow is manufactured from medium density Dunlop foams which incorporate the proven anti-microbial, Ultra-Fresh.

Laboratory tests show that foams incorporating Ultra-Fresh provide effective control of the growth of micro-organisms, including bacteria, mould, mildew and fungi, promoting a lasting hygienic freshness. The lasting clean state of Dunlop foams creates an environment with a greater benefit than just being microbe-free.

Independent research confirms that by inhibiting bacteria and mould, foam products with Ultra-Fresh are dust mite resistant because they reduce the availability of the food source for dust mites.

In short Dunlop Foams incorporating Ultra-fresh:

  • Effectively inhibit the proliferation of dust mite populations, maintaining an environment low in dust mite allergens
  • Inhibit the growth of bacteria, mould and mildew
  • Have lasting hygienic freshness
  • Resist deterioration, discolouration and degradation caused by fungi and bacteria
  • Provide effective odour protection
  • All Dunlop Foams are manufactured without CFCs

How do I order Belly Pillow?

You can easily order Belly Pillow online on this website.


Can I speak to someone before I order?

Of course, you reach out here.