late pregnancy belly pillow bundle
Using your Belly Pillow after pregnancy

My chiropractor placed my bub in one of your late pregnancy pillows whilst she attended to my husband and me. For nearly an hour my baby sat happily in the pillow. Because he was propped up he seemed more comfortable. He has now been using it at home for about a month and he certainly will sit happily in the pillow after a feed and or will fall asleep there. I have also found it a handy thing to take to a friends place if I want to put him down for a while at my feet.

Your Belly Pillow will continue to be useful after pregnancy, here’s how!


New mothers often turn up for treatments with their baby.  Both the gently scalloped Early Pregnancy Belly Pillow, and the ergonomically designed Late Pregnancy Belly Pillow are perfect for cradling a baby during a chiropractic adjustment.


They keep baby quiet and happy in a stable and comfortable environment while the healthcare practitioner continues to treat the mother.

I absolutely love using the Belly Pillow in my practice. My pregnant clients love the fact that they can lay on their stomach. Most want to know where they can buy one for themselves. I also use the Belly Pillow when working with infants. It keeps the baby from rolling around and they seem very content lying in the pillow. I make use of the Belly Pillows every day in the centre. Thank you very much for a wonderful product!